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Striving for Imperfection Vase Tall

Striving for Imperfection Vase Tall

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Introducing the Large Vase from our “Striving for Imperfection" Collection. Standing tall amongst its counterparts, the large vase is an instant eyecatcher. It’s a testament to the beauty waiting for us in life's imperfect moments, capturing attention with its beautiful design and clear presence. Allow this piece to remind you of the beauty and freedom in life’s imperfect moments, and inspire you to welcome the art of imperfection into your home and your heart.

Height 12 inches.


A mix of 60% recycled ceramics and 40% raw stoneware (TatvaMix material)

Every intricate detail is lovingly handcrafted and hand-painted

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This item ships via standard ground delivery and arrives in 3-8 business days. Expedited Shipping is available. Read Shipping page for more info.

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Care Instructions

Please, dust this vase with a soft, dry cloth and wash it delicately by hand with mild soap and water only.

Click here to watch a video with care instructions.

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  • Accent your home

    We strive to design artistic pieces that can help you personalize your home

  • 60% of recycled ceramics

    Stronger than conventional one and with love to our planet

  • Giving 5% back to The Art Therapy Project

    By purchasing a piece from this collection you support those affected by trauma

The Striving for Imperfection Collection

Introducing Striving for Imperfection, an invitation to let go of the pursuit of perfection and discover beauty and freedom in life’s imperfect moments, objects and experiences.

Crafted from recycled ceramics, each vase in the collection has an individual one-of-a-kind charm, celebrating the singular and unique results that imperfections create. Join us on the journey of finding beauty in irregularity, and inspiration in the concept of flaws.

Come along as we abandon the notion that perfection is the goal, and strive for imperfection.

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