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Vibrant Touch

Beautiful, bold, brilliant

Beautiful, bold, brilliant

Inspired by the work of Yves Klein and his notions of the infinite, the undefinable, and the absolute, this collection encapsulates the feeling of opportunity and boundless expression through its “unfinished” appearance.

The bold hue elicits joy and playfulness, and was associated by Yves Klein with immaterial values beyond what can be seen or touched.

Each piece is named after a female artist, serving as a tribute to their exceptional contributions in shaping the artistic landscape. As a female founded company, we wanted to celebrate and honor the legacy of these women, while also inspiring you to get creative.

«Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond dimensions»

Yves Klein

The unexpected, uneven, unrepeatable shapes capture the process of creation,

not just the result. 

These pieces symbolize possibilities, freedom, and joy while seeking to inspire that unrelenting creativity within all of us.



Rediscovering porcelain


Vivee co-founder

Blue and white porcelain is a ceramic that has played a significant cultural role throughout history. It originated in China and Its popularity spread around the globe. It became highly valuable, equal to gold, and inspired many manufacturers. This is how Delftware, Medici porcelain, French porcelain, Meissen porcelain came to life. 

These days, Porcelain is a great material to work with due to its low environmental impact.  Starting from the extraction of raw materials, porcelain is made with care, using less energy and water, and it can be recycled when people don't need it anymore. From start to finish, porcelain is made in a way that's kind to the Earth.

Small covered winepots or teapots. Chinese, Qing Dynasty, Kangxi period 1662–1722. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Giving back 5% of profits 

to The Art Therapy Project

Our promise to the community is to support charitable partners, it is important for us to give back. Each collection’s core concept is reflected in the mission of the partner we're supporting. 

We’ll be sending 5% of profits from the Striving for Imperfection collection to The Art Therapy Project, a nonprofit providing group art therapy in a safe inclusive space for people in need of mental health services. Clients feel connected and inspired while exploring their personal journeys, increasing their self-awareness, creating joy, and improving their quality of life.

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