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Embracing Unity

Healing Through Hugs

Beautiful, bold, brilliant

Imagine a world filled with empathy, driven by connection, and grounded in love. 

Embracing Unity is influenced by the human need for support and belonging. This collection is an embodiment of what a future filled with happiness and understanding could look like if we rely on one another and lead with love.

The pieces are a visual representation of what it feels like to be embraced by the ones you love, they have a warm and affectionate quality about them, supporting you in curating a home that feels like a place where you belong.

What will a future shaped by women look like?

Our founders share their vision and we’d like to hear yours


We dream of a future where empathy and sympathy serve as the key drivers for humanity. This doesn’t imply the absence of conflicts, but we believe that the embrace of respectful conflicts can bring love and acceptance of each others differences. Our design choices for the collection bring this vision to life. This future entails a more conscious relationship between people and nature. As we strive to preserve the nature we hold dear, we dream of flourishing circular economies that work with our environment, not against it. 


Based on the concept of this collection we aspired to take sustainability to a new level. This collection is made from 100% recycled plastic and produced leveraging 3D printing technologies. The packaging is made from recycled paper with a thank you note made from cotton scrap (no wood!). We hope you enjoy this truly unique collection.

Transparency is importance to us, even in pricing. As the materials and 3D printing production involve higher costs compared to traditional manufacturing, these pieces are a bit more of an investment. We are actively collaborating with suppliers to make these pieces more affordable to all while still focusing on our mission towards a greener future.

This collection promotes a sense of unity and connection among each of us, and with nature.

Every small step towards sustainability can bring us closer to a more unified relationship with the world around us.

Filament made from 100% recycled plastic

Printing process at the 3D printing factory “Proto 21” in Dubai, UAE. Featured on CNN.

Giving back 5% 

of profits to charity

At Vivee supporting charitable causes is of the utmost importance. We are committed to giving back to charities that align with our mission, values, and the essence of each collection. For our Embracing Unity collection, we prioritized utilizing recycled materials and innovative techniques to create something both beautiful and environmentally conscious.

5% of the proceeds from this collection will be sent to the 4Ocean, an organization dedicated to rehabilitating and conserving the world's oceans, beaches, and rivers. Thank you for your support of this mission.

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