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Striving for Imperfection

Embracing Imperfection

Beautiful, bold, brilliant

Introducing Striving for Imperfection, an invitation to let go of the pursuit of perfection and discover beauty and freedom in life’s imperfect moments, objects and experiences. Crafted from recycled ceramics, each vase in the collection has an individual one-of-a-kind charm, celebrating the singular and unique results that imperfections create.

Join us on the journey of finding beauty in irregularity, and inspiration in the concept of flaws. 

Come along as we abandon the notion that perfection is the goal, and Strive for Imperfection.

Flawed and Flowing

Katya, Co-founder

In this collection, we aim to visually capture the essence of joy in embracing imperfections. It is about the liberating feeling of self-acceptance, allowing oneself to do things imperfectly without self-critique. This delightful sense of joy comes from relying on your own instincts, rather than conforming to the standards and stereotypes of perfection. It is a playful moment that celebrates your uniqueness.

Each piece in this collection is itself unique, as the drops are crafted by hand, resulting in an organic and uncontrived flow. The materials used consist of 60% recycled ceramics and 40% raw clay. Not only do these materials reflect our commitment to environmental consciousness but they also highlight the transformative power of re-purposing. It reminds us that even though objects that may not seem useful at first glance, they can be given new life through a creative approach.

About the Material – TatvaMix

TatvaMix is a ceramics solution that utilizes 60% recycled materials and 40% raw clay. This eco-friendly production not only consumes less energy, but it also results in 35% stronger ceramic products. Rejected ceramic products are often buried in the ground to be discarded, TatvaMix takes them and gives them a new life instead!

Made from 60% recycled ceramics and 40% raw clay

To bring this collection to life, we collaborated with a group of young, forward-thinking entrepreneurs from Ahmedabad. This city in India is a beautiful blend of ancient heritage and modern innovation. Together, we're addressing the significant environmental challenge of landfill ceramic rejects, a pressing issue in India.

In an industry where recycled ceramic suppliers are scarce, our collaboration aims to contribute positively. We are combining traditional craftsmanship with modern sustainability practices, showing that embracing imperfection can lead to a beautiful, environmentally responsible result.

Captured in these behind-the-scenes pictures is the meticulous manual process of painting a ceramic vase with colorful drops, where skilled artisans carefully apply each one, bringing the vibrant colors to life

Giving back 5% of profits 

to The Art Therapy Project

Our promise to the community is to support charitable partners, it is important for us to give back. Each collection’s core concept is reflected in the mission of the partner we're supporting. 

We’ll be sending 5% of profits from the Striving for Imperfection collection to The Art Therapy Project, a nonprofit providing group art therapy in a safe inclusive space for people in need of mental health services. Clients feel connected and inspired while exploring their personal journeys, increasing their self-awareness, creating joy, and improving their quality of life.

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