Our sustainability approach


Vivee is about celebrating life and celebration goes hand in hand with sustainability.

We aspire to action our dedication to sustainability and be conscious in making pieces safe for our shared home, our planet. In the meantime, we strive to create beautiful, thoughtful and appealing, sensorial designs - our mission is to bring to life a future created by women.

As a society, we have been making strides to transition to use more recycled materials, save energy and reduce our carbon footprint. Vivee works to be at the forefront of how the home decor industry can help lead the way into a more sustainable future, and embrace our joint responsibility for the planet and environment.

Production and Materials

Materials across industries are being invented to reduce environmental impact. At Vivee, some of the materials we're currently exploring are Recycled Plastic, Zero CO2 concrete & Mycelium.

  • Recycled Plastic


    Recycled Plastic

    Our world is drowning in plastic consumption and still only a fraction of it is being recycled. We seek to show that recycled plastic can be leveraged to create beautifully designed decor pieces. If you'd like to learn more about the process of making a recycled piece, take a look (here).

  • Mycelium



    Made from the vegetative part of fungi (mushrooms), mycelium grows into the specified form. As a result, the material i s 100% organic, compostable and environmentally friendly! It is soft and luxurious to touch and makes a perfect home decor material addition. For more information on how this material is made - check out this article!

  • Zero CO2 concrete


    Zero CO2 concrete

    Cement contributes to about 7% of global CO2 emissions. With this in mind, we were inspired by a new technology we observed at the London Museum of Science that traps CO2 emitted during production back into the cement. We are very excited to develop collections from this cement, and in turn do our part to reduce the broader CO2 footprint.

  • 3D printing

  • Bio-technology

  • Carbon removal technologies

In addition to leveraging sustainable materials, Vivee also makes use of innovative production technologies. For example, a developing additive manufacturing like 3D printing - which is far more environmentally friendly than traditional manufacturing. Additive manufacturing reduced energy use by 25% and can cut waste materials by 90% compared to traditional manufacturing methods, according to energy.gov. Moreover, Vivee's fulfillment partners share our consciousness towards sustainability, offering eco-friendly packaging options to all of their customers.


In addition to our own efforts, we seek to support non-profit companies that are also helping the planet in their everyday work. Vivee pledges to contribute 5% of profits to different charities engaging in this work. The charities chosen are reflective of the concept and materials for each collection. For example, our donations from collections made of 100% recycled plastic will go to the Ocean Blue Project, a fund focused on efforts to remove the plastic polluting our oceans.

Vivee pledges to contribute 5% of profits to different charities

As part of our vision our promise to the community is to continue exploring new materials that could be leveraged for our products. Our desire is to show how the home d├ęcor industry can be revolutionized with the new inventions, which are more eco-friendly and in harmony with nature.

Have a suggestion on what charities we should work with in the future? Send us an email!