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We’re celebrating Women’s History Month by offering 20% off our founders' favorites with an offer code OURFAVES. It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting a small female founded business and allowing us to pursue our dream!

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Meryl's Favorites

Some of my faves right now are the Embracing Unity vase in Recycled Stoneware. There is just something so romantic about this piece to me. It makes me think of those really juicy hugs that melt away any stress or worry. It feels so loving to me. The best!

I have also been loving on Louise, she's so full of surprises! Every time I arrange flowers in this vase, there is just such a playful and dynamic quality to the final arrangement. I love the way she holds the blooms. I am also drawn to the bold blue right now because although she's petite she makes such an impact, and that resonates with me.

Katya's Favorites

I'm absolutely in love with our Kara vases, but I've found they're not just for flowers. One of them has become the perfect container for my artistic brushes – it's incredibly handy! Another idea: place a candle inside, and let the wax build up over time. It creates a wonderfully artistic look!

All the vases with handprints are my favorite. Maybe it's because I know the effort it took to get those bright, lead-free handprints just right.

And then there's the Embracing Unity bowl – my secret spot for storing chocolate treats. It's not just a bowl, it's a reminder of my inner child every time I reach for a sweet after lunch.