Simple ideas to make your home feel like you

Our house is more than just a building that we live in. It is a home that makes us feel welcome as soon as we open the door.

When it comes to giving our home a certain “feeling”, a lot of us just don’t know where to start. 

Maybe you just bought a new house and it feels sterile and lacking in personality, maybe you are a student living in a dorm and you want to make your room more inviting. Or maybe you have never decorated before in your life but you just feel like something isn’t quite “right” about the vibe of your home. Whoever you are, let us try to help you with a few ideas to make your home feel like You.

1. Unique decoration with meaning that inspire you

There is no need to go with popular design rules - a room should contain personal items that make you happy and are meaningful to you. Hang your favorite piece of art, whether it's the kids' drawings or a crazy abstract piece sculpture that makes you smile. You can use items bought on trips or special occasions as functional items - ex. a bowl in the entryway for keys. Or you can simply stack up your favorite books on the couch.

2. Pick an aroma that you like

Making your home smell nice is one of the great ways to create a pleasant atmosphere where your family wants to be. There are many different ways to make your home smell nice with some of them including baking cookies, burning a scented candle, airing out the house, or even doing laundry!

3. Dedicate part of the room to your hobbies whether it is yoga, or guitar playing, etc.

Whether it's a little art studio or just a chair for reading, each person in your household should have a spot in the home that's their own feel-good place to unwind.

4. Be bold with designing your space, design it in a way that makes you happy. If you love bright colors, find a colorful home decor!

5. Print out a collage of your favorite pictures. Every time you look at it, it will make you smile.

6. Add some humor. Pick some things that'll make you smile when you see them every day.

7. Put a letter board or chalkboard up so you can change the message based on whatever you are feeling that day.

8. And if you're still a little lost, look for inspiration on Pinterest and find a style you like.